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Oliver Apex 520 CE Squash Racket WS

Oliver Apex 520 CE Squash Racket [WS]

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Oliver Sports Squash racket

  • Oliver Sports has been a powerful name locally and globally in Tennis, Squash, and Badminton equipment since 1938, with maximum brand acknowledgment in Australia, US, Canada & New Zealand.
  • The Oliver Apex 520 CE is a comfortable squash racquet that's perfect for players of all standards!
  • According to German squash legend, Simon Rösner the Oliver APEX 520 CE is "A very light and dynamic racket, with very good ball acceleration and control, thus ideally suited for the offensive player.", since the CE in the name stands for 'Champion Edition', you can trust that this racquet will deliver results.
  • Made from Eplon™+K12, this racquet is very comfortable to play with, especially with its even balance point
  • Ultra-light and thin layers for more optionality and weight reduction. Evenly and straightly distributed fibres in the filaments without any bending.
  • Expert Advice: The APEX 520 is ideally suited for the offensive player.”. Simon Rösner


  • You may know these players who are sponsored by Oliver Sports

Warning ⚠️ : 

  • A beginner / intermediate racket of ANY brand may be at risk if used by an advanced / pro player
  • All rackets are delicate by nature and require extreme care while handling. The slightest hit with the walls, mesh, the ground, or another racket can cause fractures and even major breaks! 
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 Play Style  Power & Dynamics
 Racket Handling Level  Professional - competitions
 Racket Material  Braided Eplon™ +K12
 Racket Form  Bridge
 String Tension  SQ-X9 | L12 / 11 Q
 String Pattern  16 x 17
 Weight distribution  Balanced
 Racket Unstrung Weight  125 gm
 Racket Strung Weight  147 gm


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