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Sports Gear warranty policy & disclaimers | Padel Gear Sports Shop

Hey champs. Pros and beginners alike! We really value you guys and you may have observed how we care about you from the way we counsel and help you for the last couple of years. Consistent and steadfast we managed to thrive! That's all done with passion for you. Because we are part of the lovely Sports community.

However let's help you by clarifying some crucial points in buying and dealing with our items.


Padel, Tennis, Squash and Racket Sports Products

General Racket Sport Product Guidelines

Generally we can accept a returned product only if it's undamaged and if it's exactly as you received it. To return a Tennis, Squash or Padel racket, it has to be completely sealed and no labels are missing or misplaced from it. Please note that any signs of use easily show on these rackets and may make an item look used.

The product must be very well packaged and wrapped to avoid any damage that may be caused by the shipping company on its way back to our warehouse. If it comes damaged, we may not be able to refund or exchange it.

Padel Racket Policies

Padel products, especially Padel Rackets have very special treatments. Below you can read our brief warranty terms and disclaimer.

First, official Padel brand factories in China, Pakistan, Spain always state a certain justification for rackets having slight issues that definitely do not affect the durability, lifetime, or most importantly, the performance of your racket.

The justification states that according to worldwide Padel brands, Padel rackets everywhere in the world are 80% handmade. It's a process with very high human involvement. That's why until now some factories can't fulfil all the orders worldwide. Production is slower because it's highly handmade and this is actually amazing for everyone in the world to own a handmade racket.

So please expect minimal glitches like scratches, extra tiny carbon fibers in the frame, extra or tilted paint, small spots of carbon fiber, or scratches. In rare occasions, the racket may have a main grip that is 90% stable and may make a 'creeking sound'Padel rackets are extremely delicate and as long as nothing affects the racket core then your racket is safe and sound and will give you the performance you are used to. 

Second, please remember that Padel Gear Sports Shop is NOT a manufacturer or producer of Padel equipment! We are your favorite retailer hoping to keep you GEARED with all your favorite Padel brands. 

Third, please remember that Padel Gear Sports Shop is NOT responsible if a high level player uses an entry racket and breaks it!

Fourth, warranty is the responsibility of the official brand in or outside of the country that you bought the product from. For example if you ordered a Siux Padel racket from a country that does not have a local SIUX Official branch, and you clearly found that there is something strange that is unrelated to extended play or storage and temperature risks, then the communication takes place with SIUX Spain in this case. Padel Gear only acts as a facilitator in this matter to help you reach a desirable outcome faster with the official brand / manufacturer.

- Please DO NOT unseal the racket EXCEPT when you are sure it's the RIGHT one that you ordered (check your email invoice)

- Unseal the racket by slowly and gently cutting a very small part of the plastic wrap. Don't just tear the seal violently so that it can stay in ONE PIECE.

- Do not cut the seal at the location of the bar code! A racket without a barcode or with a torn barcode is like the racket never existed!

- Please KEEP the racket's seal in a safe place at all costs.

- It's common for a piece of the grip foam material to come off when removing the plastic seal off a racket. This is due to the heat sealing process used to seal the plastic, and it doesn't in any way affect the functionality or validity of the racket or grip. This is NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY

- It's important to know that ANY form of simple or hard hit, blow, collision, friction or fall to the racket WILL most likely break it or cause some damage. The racket is made of special materials to give you the most comfort and performance for Padel Tennis, but all of Padel players from beginners to PROs have to be very careful from day one!

- We don't "make" Padel rackets. We simply bring you your favorite rackets that are on the global market. These rackets and equipment are the exact same rackets that are being sold by the brands worldwide. There is no room for "copies" or unoriginal Padel equipment.

- Padel rackets are very sensitive towards hot and humid weathers. Just like you might know, carbon may get more rigid in the winter, the materials can also be affected by heat and humidity. There might be cracks in the coating or the frame with unresponsible usage and handling of the racket. 

Other reasons for sudden damage to your racket are the following common misbehaviors:

- Not using a racket cover, preferably of a thermal inner lining. Racket may hit anything you are passing by and if this happens a lot, slow damage and corrosion may be noticed.

- Leaving your racket in the car especially when it's warm and/or direct sunlight hits the racket

- "High rackets" instead of High Fives with your Padel partners! This happens everywhere in front of us and across all player levels and mentalities. Doing this kills the racket's face slowly in terms of material sturdiness and racket performance! Very bad habit guys. 

- If any damage happens to the racket, not from a hit, fall, excess smashing, or storage problems such as exposure to high temperatures for long times, a warranty procedure is initiated as follows:

- Send us at least 3 photos from different angles

- We will contact the brand's official distributor or their authorized distributors in Spain.

- A communication process will start, usually taking a couple of weeks, depending on each brand's review cycle.

- If we receive a confirmation from them that the racket's condition is eligible for a warranty coverage, we won't be late and we will do our best to finalize the process.

- Otherwise it's us guys that gets harmed if players damage their rackets and get really angry with us! We try to satisfy you but we end up losing! Doesn't make any business sense, does it? So please be so careful with your racket and let's help you get in your best shape and make some screaming victories! <3


Concerning Padel shoes it's very important for you to check the standards of the court you are using your shoes on. For example there are some courts that we all heard about to have trouble with having the right sand grade, and problems with sand distribution. If sand isn't of the right quality and quantity you run the risk of serious injuries, let alone damaging your shoes. Some of you have definitely seen some of these injuries in exercises and even in tournaments, where teams have to withdraw! 

Also guys, Padel shoes may look amazingly elegant and tempting to hang out with, but this is not recommended. Otherwise you are shortening the lifetime of your shoes and ruining its grippy outsole or even its comfortable insole. So please act responsibly with your Padel equipment. Again we do not manufacture the shoes either, so we cannot bear the full cost of replacing your shoes for whichever reason! We can only help with speeding up the review cycle with the manufacturer or the authorized distributor in Spain. We can also show love and care by offering the best possible discount on another pair of shoes just to show you that we want to help you stay happy and healthy on the courts. Thanks for understanding!

Finally here are quick points that will help us cooperate with you and guarantee everyone's rights:

Padel players that do any of the below cannot refund or replace whatsoever:

  • Buy a racket and cut the plastic seal
  • Buy a racket and try it at the court (no trials at all)
  • Any damage to the products will cause a fee starting from 1000 LE up to full price of the product, especially rackets. Any stains to the racket will cost 1500 to 2000 LE. No excuses will be allowed. 
  • A player is not allowed to fit tshirts and shorts while being sweaty.
  • A player must not pull or force-fit the garments
  • 80% of the garment's price will be charged if any simple change, damage, or label cut happens.
  • Same goes for stains that happen to garments, bags, and shoes