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Wilson Blade 101L V8 275gm UNSTRUNG No Cover Tennis Racket WS

Wilson Blade 101L V8 275gm STRUNG No Cover Tennis Racket [WS]

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Wilson Tennis Racket

  • STRUNG Version 
  • With the Blade 101L v8, Wilson gives intermediate players and value hunters a speedy racket with controllable power and great feel.
  • As with the heavier Blade models, this racket delivers a high level of precision on full swings. It also comes with a thicker beam than other members of the Blade family, giving it some extra stability and power.
  • From the baseline the Blade 101L v8 offers impressive maneuverability, making it great for players who are learning the game and perfecting their mechanics. It's also light enough for chasing down balls and hitting effective shots on the run.
  • At net, the Blade 101L moves into position with remarkable ease. It also has good touch for crafting drop shots.
  • On serves you'll have enough accuracy to swing fast and generate power.
  • Ultimately, with its impressive combination of speed, precision and spin, this light version of the Blade is a great option for improving players. 

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Item number: 097512547437

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  • A beginner / intermediate racket of ANY brand may be at risk if used by an advanced / pro player
  • All rackets are delicate by nature and require extreme care while handling. The slightest hit with the walls, mesh, the ground, or another racket can cause fractures and even major breaks! 
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 Play Style  Control, Comfort & some Power
 Racket Material  Carbon
 Stringing Pattern  16 x 20
 Racket Head Size  651 cm²
 Racket Length  685 mm
 Weight distribution (Balance - unstrung)  330 mm
 Racket Weight (Unstrung)  275 gm
 Racket Cover  No

Item Code: WR079710U2