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Tecnifibre Bob 200M X-One Sq Orange 1,24 String reels WS

Tecnifibre Bob 200M X-One Biphase 17/1.24 Squash String Reels [WS]

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Tecnifibre Strings

The X-ONE BIPHASE string is the most efficient in this range on the 3 criteria of playability, durability and integrity. The particularity of this range is to present a wear indicator, which allows the player to change the string before the complete breakage. This witness is manifested by the significant fraying of the rope at the place of the impact of the ball. 

A leading brand in strings, Tecnifibre has built its success on the design and production in France of the first multifilament strings. These strings are renowned and appreciated for their power, their comfort and their strong ability to retain their qualities over time. 

  • Type of string :-  Multifilaments
  • String range :-     X-ONE TWO-PHASE SQUASH
  • Conditioning :-    Trim 12m
  • Main material: Polyamide, polyurethane, silicone finish
  • Recommended tension between 22 and 25 kg
  • Maximum tension: 32 kg
  • Not recommended for serious rope breakers (< 10 hours of play). 
  • String made in France. 
  • PU 400: 400% elasticity for great comfort and dynamic performance. 
  • Elastyl® fibers (50%): +12% elasticity compared to standard PA. Provides enormous elasticity for maximum power. 
  • H²C fibers (50%): Maximize performance with high temperature fibers for better tension resistance. 
  • Biphase process: Exclusive “pre-stretch” process to provide better voltage holding and longer life. Visible and noticeable on the string, it increases spin. 

World's Best Seller Tubular performance without the flaws of tubular. Provides enormous elasticity for maximum power. 

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