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Siux Optimus 5 Padel Racket WS
Siux Optimus 5 Padel Racket WS
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Siux Optimus 5 Padel Racket [WS]

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Siux Padel racket - Some Siux rackets are made in Spain!

Siux Padel is one of those top notch Padel brands that produce their amazing gear in Spain unlike other common brands. We have seen spectacular local & international players and coaches exclusively using Siux rackets & thought that everyone deserves a taste of this brand's refined technology and performance

  • The Siux Optimus 5 presents a hybrid shape with an intermediate balance and sweet spot. This format mixes the round and teardrop shape to offer the player the advantages of both shapes. This will give you more defined and powerful shots. This racket gives you power and control.

  • This racket has been manufactured thinking of those beginner players who are getting into the sport of padel and still do not have a good playing technique and are looking for a versatile racket.

  • To manufacture the core of this Siux 2023 model, a low-density EVA SOFT Core has been used, which provides the player with a comfortable hitting sensation, reduces fatigue and prevents possible injuries when playing.

  • The tubular frame is made of fiberglass, just like the impact surfaces. This material offers a softer touch, makes it easier to return balls from the baseline and provides more elasticity. The surface has a sandy matt finish, which makes it easier to grip the ball and achieve spin.

  • The Siux Optimus 5 offers the beginning player a pleasant start in this sport, thanks to the Reinforced Bridge technology, which reinforces the bridge of the racket and reduces vibrations and torsion, achieving a comfortable experience at all times.

    Warning ⚠️ : All rackets are delicate by nature and require extreme care while handling. The slightest hit with the walls, mesh, the ground, or another racket can cause fractures and even major breaks! 

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     Play Style  Power & Control 
     Racket Handling Level  Beginner - Below Intermediate 
     Racket Frame material  Fibreglass 
     Racket Face material  Fiberglass
     Racket Core material  Soft EVA
     Approximate Shape  Tear Drop
     Weight distribution  Middle 
     Racket Weight  365 gm