JBL 305P MKII "Pair" Professional Portable Sports Speakers AT
JBL 305P MKII "Pair" Professional Portable Sports Speakers AT
JBL 305P MKII "Pair" Professional Portable Sports Speakers AT
JBL 305P MKII "Pair" Professional Portable Sports Speakers AT

JBL 305P MKII "Pair" Professional Portable Studio Speakers [AT]

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Official Specs Sheet
  • JBL introduced improvements to the transducers, added a frequently-requested feature, and applied the latest manufacturing learnings. The result—a new edition of this popular studio monitor that retains the best qualities of the original, but now looks better, sounds better, and provides transparent sound in even more production environments.
  • Patented Image Control Waveguide: Reveal impressive detail, ambience and depth in your mixes thanks to the groundbreaking JBL Image Control Waveguide. Originally developed for JBL’s flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor, this patented innovation ensures an acoustically seamless transition between the low- and high-frequency transducers and provides an immersive soundstage with precise imaging. Offering a broad sweet spot and neutral frequency response, JBL 305P MkII delivers a crystal-clear representation of your mix—revealing subtle details, even when listening off-axis.
  • Your Mix is Only as Good as Your Monitors: To help you make the best mix decisions, JBL equipped the 305P MkII with acclaimed 3 Series transducers that now perform even better. Hear deep, accurate and tightly controlled bass thanks to a long-throw 5" woofer and the patented JBL Slip Stream™ low-frequency port. Enjoy soaring, immaculately detailed highs via the woven-composite 1" Neodymium tweeter. JBL engineers took things to the next level with faster HF transient response through fine-tuned ferrofluid damping, and greater low frequency linearity and lower harmonic distortion courtesy of an enhanced woofer design. The result is a studio monitor you can trust—with unmatched peak handling, stunning dynamics and neutral frequency response that’s unbeatable in its class.
  • Big Sound Out of the Box: JBL 305P MkII is ready for the most demanding production styles right out of the box. Dual integrated Class D power amplifiers, custom designed by JBL for each transducer, give you generous dynamic range for any project. From music production and podcasting to cinematic sound design or daily vlogging, enjoy the output and power you need to hear exceptional detail at any volume—even at peak SPLs. Simply plug in, power on, and start creating.
  • Tailored Sound to Fit Your Studio: The dimensions and acoustics of a room can have a major effect on sonic accuracy, and that’s why JBL 305P MkII lets you adjust the response to fit your studio. The new Boundary EQ attenuates the low-end boost that can occur when you place monitors directly on the desktop or near walls. The 3-position HF Trim switch allows you to adjust the high-frequency response of the 305P MkII to tailor it to room acoustics or personal tastes.
  • Flexible Connectivity: Offering both balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs, and adjustable +4dBu/-10dBV input sensitivity, the 305P MkII offers flexible, professional connectivity options to provide easy setup while maintaining your signal integrity.
  • The heart of the 305P MKII lies in its updated HF and LF transducers, meticulously redesigned for unrivaled performance. These enhancements deliver optimized damping, resulting in impeccable transient response and a powerful, pristine bass that's free from unwanted harmonic distortion. Your music will come alive with a depth and clarity that's simply breathtaking.
  • 70 Years of Expertise: The design of the 305P MkII leverages over 70 years of JBL acoustic expertise to create a refined studio monitor at an outstanding value. While other manufacturers use off-the-shelf components and make subjective decisions about the sound, JBL builds speakers that squeeze every ounce of performance from each component to deliver efficient, accurate sound reproduction. 305P MkII is designed to JBL’s Linear Spatial Reference criteria—a series of 72 individual measurements taken 360 degrees around the speaker to ensure a faithful reproduction of your mix, whatever your listening environment.
  • JBL Professional Reliability: JBL Professional studio monitors are designed for reliable performance, even when projects push your gear to the limit. Before being approved for production, 3 Series monitors must first pass JBL’s strenuous Power Test. Each model is required to perform flawlessly at maximum volume for an unheard-of 100 hours—without failure. As a result, you can depend on 305P MkII monitors to deliver consistently excellent sound reproduction for years to come
  • Dimensions: 11.7" x 7.3" x 9.1" (30 x 18.5 x 23 cm).