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Explode Fitness Gym CrossFit Compression Floss EX

Explode Fitness Gym CrossFit Compression Floss [WS]

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Crossfit & Fitness Technique Compression Floss
Get more out of your workouts and recover faster with the Explode Compression Floss.

This innovative product is made from a latex rubber band and is used to target major joints to gain an increased range of motion (ROM), restore joint mechanics, promote blood flow, and assist with the breakdown of scar tissue and lactic acid.

The Explode Compression Floss works by creating a temporary restriction in blood flow to the target area. This causes the muscles and fascia to relax, which allows for increased ROM and improved joint function. When the floss is removed, a rush of fresh blood and oxygen floods the area, which helps to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

The Explode Compression Floss is perfect for athletes of all levels, from beginners to professionals. It is also ideal for anyone who suffers from joint pain or stiffness.
Here is one of many examples on how to use the compression floss