Babolat Nadal 170gm JUNIOR 19 Strung Black Yellow Tennis Racket

Babolat Nadal 170gm JUNIOR 19 Strung Black Yellow Tennis Racket

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Babolat Tennis racket.

  • The Nadal Junior 19 is recommended for juniors whose height is between 90-105 cm (35.5-41.5 in.).

  • High maneuverability & comfort for kids with a sturdy and safe aluminium material.

  • The Nadal Junior rackets are lightweight and feature large headsizes, making Tennis easier and more fun to learn.
  • The full aluminium construction gives your kid the basic power they need to feel the swing and ball impact.
  • The Nadal Junior range is great for beginners to generate the power and maneuvrability they need to successfully hit their first tennis balls.

Warning ⚠️ :

  • A beginner / intermediate racket of ANY brand may be at risk if used by an advanced / pro player
  • All rackets are delicate by nature and require extreme care while handling. The slightest hit with the walls, mesh, the ground, or another racket can cause fractures and even major breaks! 
  • Please read our shipping and preorders page
 Play Style  Basic Control & Comfort
 Racket Handling Level  Beginner
 Racket Material  Aluminium
 Strung  Yes
 Stringing Pattern  16 x 16
 Stiffness (RA)  35
 Section  20-20-20
 Racket Head Size  84 in² (542 cm²)
 Racket Length  19 in (123 cm)
 Weight distribution  Top
 Racket Weight  170 gm
 Racket cover  No


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