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NOX ML 10 Pro Cup SILVER Edition Padel racket

NOX ML 10 Pro Cup RARE SILVER Edition Padel racket [WS]

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NOX Padel racket - RARE Silver Edition

  • All-new with its new Multilayered Black Eva core, an evolution of the Multilayered Core, and the 18K carbon faces.
  • Maximum rigidity and resistance while maintaining the lightness of the racket. Thanks to the finest intertwined carbon microfilaments.
  • Lateral rubber antivibration dampeners added!

Warning ⚠️ : All rackets are delicate by nature and require extreme care while handling. The slightest hit with the walls, mesh, the ground, or another racket can cause fractures and even major breaks! 

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 Play Style  Power & some control
 Racket Handling Level  Above intermediate - Advanced
 Racket Frame material  Carbon 18K
 Racket Face material  Carbon 18K
 Racket Core material  Multi Black EVA Rubber cores
 Approximate Shape  Diamond
 Weight distribution  Top
 Racket Weight  365 gm