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Padel Racket & Padel Shoes Care and a Few Words About Padel Gear Egypt's Terms

Hey there lovely Padel champs!
As always, respect and integrity have been in our core values. Many of you know us for original and amazingly useful Padel equipment. We would never risk the loss of a client, not a sale. A sale is nothing compared to having a lifelong friendly relationship with the people we love and enjoy playing Padel with.

We would love to stress on the below precautions for Padel rackets and shoes. They are already published on our website here. You can find the full list of terms there.

- First, please unseal the racket only when you are sure it's the RIGHT one that you ordered (check your email invoice)

- Unseal the racket by slowly and gently cutting a very small part of the plastic wrap. Don't just tear the seal violently so that it can stay in ONE PIECE.

- Do not cut the seal at the location of the bar code! A racket without a barcode or with a torn barcode is like it never existed!

- Please KEEP the racket's seal in a safe place at all costs.

- It's important to know that ANY form of simple or hard hit, blow, collision, friction or fall to the racket WILL most likely break it or cause some damage. The racket is made of special materials to give you the most comfort and performance for Padel Tennis, but all of Padel players from beginners to PROs have to be very careful from day one!

- We don't "make" Padel rackets. We simply bring you your favorite rackets that are on the global market. These rackets and equipment are the exact same rackets that are being sold by the brands worldwide, not only in Egypt. There is no room for "copies" or unoriginal Padel equipment.

- Padel rackets are very sensitive towards hot and humid weathers. Just like you might know, carbon may get more rigid in the winter, the materials can also be affected by heat and humidity. There might be cracks in the coating or the frame with unresponsible usage and handling of the racket

- If any damage happens to the racket, not from a hit or fall, a warranty procedure is initiated as follows

- Send us at least 3 photos from different angles

- We will contact the brand's official distributor in/outside of Egypt or their authorized distributors in Spain.

- A communication loop will start, usually taking a couple of weeks, depending on each brand's review cycle.
- If we receive a confirmation from them that the racket's condition is eligible for a warranty coverage, we won't be late and we will do our best to finalize the process.

- Otherwise it's us guys that gets harmed if players damage their rackets and get really angry with us! We try to satisfy you but we end up losing! Doesn't make any business sense, does it? So please be so careful with your racket and let's help you get in your best shape and make some screaming victories! <3


Concerning Padel shoes it's very important for you to check the standards of the court you are using your shoes on. For example there are some courts that we all heard about to have trouble with having the right sand grade, and problems with sand distribution. If sand isn't of the right quality and quantity you run the risk of serious injuries, let alone damaging your shoes. Some of you have definitely seen some of these injuries in exercises and even in tournaments, where teams have to withdraw!

Also guys, Padel shoes may look amazingly elegant and tempting to hang out with, but this is not recommended. Otherwise you are shortening the lifetime of your shoes and ruining its grippy outsole or even its comfortable insole. So please act responsibly with your Padel equipment. Again we do not manufacture the shoes either, so we cannot bear the full cost of replacing your shoes for whichever reason! We can only help with speeding up the review cycle with the manufacturer or the authorized distributor in Spain. We can also show love and care by offering the best possible discount on another pair of shoes just to show you that we want to help you stay happy and healthy on the courts. Thanks for understanding!