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StarVie Triton ULTRA SPEED Soft Padel Racket LVAUG23

StarVie Triton 2.0 Speed 2023 Padel Racket (LV)

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Starvie Padel racket.

Designed and fully manufactured in Spain with great craftsmanship and an eye for detail  

  • The Starvie Triton Ultra Speed Soft has a layer of Silver Carbon 3K and another one of Carbon 3K.
  • It has the new Ultra Speed Soft technology, ultra-soft density rubber that offers great sensations of comfort and handling on the track
  • This racket may feel a little like the phenomenal Wilson Bela Elite - But it's yet to be decided with more player tests.
  • The handle is 1 cm longer to help you with the two-handed backhand

Starvie rackets are becoming more noticed in the WPT. Also currently and previously owned by players in the National Team!

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 Play Style  Power & Control
 Racket Frame material  Carbon
 Racket Face material  2 layers of Carbon 3K
 Racket Core material  Medium Density Rubber
 Racket Spin Surface  Yes - Big effect
 Approximate Shape  Hybrid (Tear drop - Diamond)
 Weight distribution  Middle - Top
 Racket Weight  365 gm
 Racket cover  No