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Bullpadel Hack Comfort Proline Paquito Navarro 2023 Padel Racket LVAUG23

Bullpadel Hack Comfort Proline Paquito Navarro 2023 Padel Racket [LVAUG23]

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Bullpadel Padel racket

Vibradrive System - Implantation of a super elastic rubber in the center of the handle which absorbs most of the vibrations, especially when the blow is off-center.

New look of the anti-vibration bridge compared to the 2021 bridge. More stability and safety.

Carbontube - Bi-directional interlaced 100% carbon racket profile construction. This construction gives the racket an optimal mechanical response while guaranteeing a perfect compromise between power and control.

Fibrix - A hybrid fiber made of X-Glass and carbon. This bidirectional composite is fused with a resin that is more elastic than usual, in order to endow the core with greater flexion and elasticity.

    Multi EVA rubber:

    The new MultiEva consists of 2 densities;

    • The outer layer of the rubber is more compact, reacting against the fast balls offering greater power output.
    • The inner layer of lower density responds to the slower balls obtaining greater control in the beating.

    Warning ⚠️ : All rackets are delicate by nature and require extreme care while handling. The slightest hit with the walls, mesh, the ground, or another racket can cause fractures and even major breaks! 

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     Play Style  Power & comfort (safe)
     Racket Handling Level  Intermediate
     Racket Frame material  Carbon
     Racket Face material  Fibrix Hybrid (comfort combo of materials) 
     Racket Core material  Multi EVA Rubber
     Approximate Shape  Diamond
     Weight distribution  Top
     Racket Weight  360 gm