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Babolat Juan Lebron's Technical Viper 2023 Padel racket WS

Babolat Juan Lebron's Technical Viper 2023 Padel racket [S]

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Juan Lebron's Babolat Padel racket.

  • Ultimate bestseller and most popular racket between 2020 - 2023
  • Despite having a rigid carbon grade (12K), the Technical Viper is still relatively lighter than standard racket weights.
  • Requires an above intermediate / advanced player to handle the racket. Meaning that you don't have to be level A in Padel but you should be experienced in dealing with many and different types of Padel rackets.
  • Its sandstone surface is one of the roughest spin surface for the most spin effect after the adidas Adipower range.
  • Voted to be among the most powerful rackets between 2020 - 2023. 
  • Despite its 12K carbon grade, it could still compete with Siux's 24K carbon surface rackets in terms of maximum power!

Warning ⚠️ : All rackets are delicate by nature and require extreme care while handling. The slightest hit with the walls, mesh, the ground, or another racket can cause fractures and even major breaks! 

Warranty & Disclaimers: Please click this link to read our policy

 WPT Pro Player  Juan Lebron
 Play Style  Power
 Racket Handling Level  Advanced - Professional
 Racket Frame material  Carbon 12K
 Racket Face material  Carbon 12K
 Racket Spin surface  3D Spin (plus) - Big effect
 Racket Core material  X Black EVA (3 layers)
 Approximate Shape  Diamond
 Weight distribution  Middle - Top
 Racket Weight  360 gm
 Racket cover  No. Order one (Tap here)